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Countertop Installation Checklist
 1) All stone products are quarried from earth. It may contain natural occurring imperfections which are characteristic to the stone. Please inspect the material prior to the fabrication and installation. No claims for natural imperfection will be accepted for any reason once the stone has been fabricated or installed.
 2) Empty all base cabinets and everything needs to be placed aside before our installation crew arrives. We need good access to complete our work. This will help prevent any damage to the counter tops or any other items in our work area and the entry way to kitchen and bath. If a counter top piece is broken during installation it will delay the completion of our work until it has been remade.
 3) Existing wood trim pieces and/or appliance cabinets are often encountered. They may need to be removed or cut prior to our installation. We will not assume any responsibility for these items if we have to remove them. We will not reinstall them. Sometimes they will not fit back exactly the same after they have been removed.
 4) Tile back splashes and mirrors are often encountered. Some pieces may pull away, chip, crack or broken when your counter tops are being removed. We will not assume any responsibility if this happens. We recommend that you plan on replacing the tile and mirror if you are replacing the counter tops. Often the gap between the existing tile back splashes and the new counter tops is not consistent due to variations in the thickness of the old versus new counter tops. Often we are able to shim the counter tops for proper fit. If this is the case, we will caulk the resulting joint for good appearance. We will not grout the resulting joint. We will not assume any responsibility if the grouted joint by others doesn’t match the existing grout.
5) We often find that many cabinets have settled out of level or were installed out of level in the first place. This is not obvious until we arrive to install and/or tear out your existing counter tops. If this is the case, we will have to shim our pieces up in some areas for proper fit. This will leave a gap between the bottom of the counter tops and the top of the cabinets in some areas. This is usually small enough that we can caulk it. In some instances, it will require that you provide and install matching trim for good appearance.
We feel these are important items that you should be aware of before installation with us, or anybody else, to replace your existing counter tops. It is not our intent to discourage you from proceeding. We feel it is in your best interest that you fully understand the scope of work involved before you make a commitment to proceed.